Dapper Cats Playing Cards

Packaging and Illustration

This project is a set of playing cards with an illustrative quality to attract a modern audience. My inspiration for the project is based on the idea of a "dapper daddy", where I pulled images of smart and stylish men in formal wear, reminding me of a classy 1920's dinner party. I wanted to add a more comedic style to the cards, thus creating the "Dapper Cats" playing card set. 


This project all started when I was assigned to create three playing cards for one of my graphic design classes last year. While working on it, I kept thinking why we are being asked to only make three cards. Why not the entire deck? And so the wonderful adventure of card making began. 


The sketch that started it all.

The inspiration first came from my very classy and dignified cat, Hazel. I drew a rough sketch that I thought best depicted her personality which then lead to the idea of a fancy 1920's dinner party. 


When I completed the Dapper Cats Playing Cards, I was let down with how expensive it costs to print. Therefore, I'm currently running a Kickstarter campaign for this deck in hopes of raising money to get them out into the public's hands.


Tuck box template