Amber Vibes Tea


"Amber Vibes was created to share an experience—the experience of introducing a friend to something new and seeing a smile light up their face. We know just how incredible our teas taste and how they'll make you feel - and we want to share that with you. First and foremost, we stand for quality: quality of taste, quality of experience, quality of life. Each of our loose leaf teas are handpicked by Chinese tea farmers and presented to you in a beautiful bottle. It's meant to be engaged with, to be a mainstay on your desk as you make yourself your daily cup/pot. All we ask is that you spread the #ambervibes."

Their logo reflects their mission with the letter A standing strong against the bold tea leaf showing their confidence in the taste of their product. The gradient within the A reflects the transition from light to dark as a tea steeps. A sans serif typeface is used in "Amber Vibes" to represent their modern, fresh and high-quality company.